• Which Lock is Right for My Home?

    August 26, 2013

    It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that any lock will improve your home’s security, but in reality the benefits of the wrong lock are actually seriously limited. Upgrading or replacing locks is as complicated as installing them in the first place, and in all cases if it’s an exterior door or window you’re dealing with then you really do need to approach an accredited locksmith before making the change. Outside of accredited locksmiths, not all suppliers will in fact be selling locks that have been fully vetted and produced in line with international standards. You also can’t be sure that you have the right lock for your particular door or window, and you might not know this for certain until after you’ve damaged the very thing you’re trying to make more secure.

    One very useful tip to bear in mind is that you probably want to look into patented or restricted locks: these are both excellent ways to ensure that you are in control of who has a key to your home and how easy it is to obtain such a thing.

  • Do I Need to Contact a Locksmith When Moving Home?

    August 26, 2013


    When you first move into a new home, there’s any number of things you’re likely to want to be thinking about – so many that there’s a good chance you might forget to consider the security of your new home. It’s important that you don’t, however; this is one reason that some intruders might target properties that seem to have recently changed occupancy. Thankfully, the steps you need to take are actually relatively simple.


Start by changing all the locks – preferably with a patented or restricted locking system, each of which will more easily allow you to keep your home safe and secure in the event of somebody you don’t trust getting hold of a key. If there’s an alarm system, change its code as soon as you move in and don’t share it with anyone unless doing so is absolutely necessary to visit www.mylocksmithinwinchester.co.uk If your home lacks some of the most basic now-standard security features such as door chains, spy holes and top/bottom door bolts, get these seen to as soon as you possibly can.

  • Can you Fit My Own Front Door Lock?

    August 26, 2013

    Fitting Front Door

    Of course, it’s entirely possible to fit a lock yourself. This can sometimes seem like a good idea, too – especially if you’re interested in finding new ways to save money! Unfortunately, this can sometimes end up being something of a false economy. Sadly, an incorrectly fitted lock is next to useless – and it’s not always possible to tell whether or not a lock has been fitted correctly simply by looking at it and using it.

    More than that, it’s plausible that you might invalidate your insurance claim by fitting your lock yourself. If the worst does happen, the last thing you want is to discover that all those premiums you’ve paid have been useless – and it might turn out that they indeed are, if you don’t get a professional accredited locksmith to fit the external locks of your home. Don’t forget to think about the locks on your windows, as well as those on your doors.

  • A Bristol Locksmith’s Advice on Home Safes

    August 26, 2013

    This is Bristol Locksmiths

    Home safes are an increasingly popular choice for those who have valuables that they wish to protect. While it’s perfectly possible to just buy a safe from a DIY store, this can be problematic – they won’t have been as vigorously safety tested, and if they’re not properly hidden and fitted then most thieves and intruders will simply pick them up and carry them away with them! Thankfully, Locksmith Bristol are able to help mitigate many of these concerns.

    One important thing to consider is exactly what you need the safe for. Data safes – which will protect backups, CDs and other electronic data – have different specifications to valuables safes for money, jewelry and similar things, and fire safes (which are designed to ensure that important paperwork is kept safe in the event of a house fire) are a different thing again. To make sure you’re buying the right kinds of safe, you really need a trained professional to advise you.

  • Can a Croydon Locksmith Provide More Than Locks and Keys?

    August 26, 2013

    croydon locksmiths

    Once upon a time, it may have been the case that lock fitting and key cutting were the only services most Locksmith in Croydon offered – but this hasn’t been true for many years. Most will now offer at least some of the following additional services:

    The specification and fitting of alarm systems, electrical access control systems and CCTV systems – and their maintenance and upkeep once they’ve been installed.

    Specifying, selling, fitting and maintaining a home safe – either for property safety or for fire safety.

    Auto-locksmithing and vehicle security, including cars, vans, motorbikes, boats and any number of other automotive vehicles.

    Installing and selling gates, grilles, parking posts and other exterior security devices.

    The sale of many home security basics – like padlocks, chains, bike locks, peepholes and similar.

    Re-keying locks and matching locks throughout a property, as well as both cutting and designing master keys.

    Non-security services, such as cobbling and engraving.

  • A Locksmith’s Advice: Keeping Your Home Safe

    August 26, 2013

    Salisbury Locksmiths

    There’s nobody better to ask for advice on keeping your home safe and secure than a Locksmith Salisbury. If you want to find out some of their best tips, you need do no more than read on.

    1.Keep any tools, ladders and similar equipment locked away out of sight.

    2. Never ignore a loose or broken window – they make ideal entry points.

    3. Get an accredited and vetted locksmith to review the security of all your doors.

    4. Take steps to make it harder to figure out whether or not there’s anyone home.

    5. Install security lighting on the approach to your property to deter intruders.

    6. If you have a home alarm installed, make sure this is visible from the outside.

    7. Change the alarm codes every few months to make sure they stay secure.

    8. Consider having a home safe installed for the safekeeping of your valuables.

    9. Always use a Locksmith in Salisbury change the locks when moving into a new property.